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 Labor and Delivery

It takes 9 months to make a baby and chances are that a good part of that time will be spent wondering and worrying about the inevitable labor and delivery that is to come.  How will I know when I'm in labor is a common concern, especially for new moms, along with what will my labor experience be like. 

Every labor is different. How long it lasts and how it progresses varies from woman to woman and from birth to birth. What type of pain relief if any is contemplated as well as what type of delivery will occur.  Will it be a vaginal delivery, will a C-Section be necessary or will a VBAC be attempted? 

Being educated about childbirth is one of the best ways to prepare for this momentous experience and maintaining open communication with your physician can help lead to a positive birth experience.

Baptist Health Floyd offers Virtual Live Mommy Moments and Tours prenatal education classes.  The newest link is on our homepage.

Visitation Policy for Labor and Delivery at Baptist Health Floyd

Baptist Hospital Floyd has updated their visitor policy.  They are now back to pre-pandemic rules for Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby.  The father of the baby or the patient's primary support person plus two additional visitors that are 18 years of age or older may visit while in Labor and Delivery. The waiting room has reopened as well for family members.  New siblings are welcome to visit for short periods of time once mom has delivered and been moved to the post-partum Mother Baby room.

Covid Positive persons are not allowed to visit.


Effective April 2023 Baptist Health Floyd has a designated Level II NICU  Babies 32 weeks and up can stay at Baptist Floyd with mom while receiving the specialized NICU care they need!!!



Baptist Health Floyd also offers anytime, anywhere parent education powered by YoMingo®, an education program designed to give you convenient access to valuable information. It includes the tools and support you need at every stage.

YoMingo gives you access to:

Evidence-based information on prenatal care, labor and birth, postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care including lots of videos

Information specific to your arrival and stay at Baptist Health Floyd

Kick counter, contraction timer, personal journal, feeding log, immunization log, and other tools

This education powered by YoMingo is available on any device with an internet connection or as a mobile app called YoMingo. It also comes with multi-language translation.

If you would like free access to this online education, please register via https:// legacy.yomingo.com/BaptistHealth/ FloydMaternityEducation_79972_607 or

 simply scan the QR code. 


March of Dimes Campaign - Why at least 39 weeks is best for your baby?

ACOG.org for more information.




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