Obstetrics - Elective 3D/4D Ultrasounds

           Image of Ultrasound machine                          3D ultrasound image of baby

We are pleased to offer elective 3D/4D Ultrasounds to our established patients. A routine ultrasound exam to evaluate fetal well being must have already been performed before an elective ultrasound can be   scheduled. This is not a diagnostic test.

The ultrasound will last around 20 minutes and you will receive images via e-mail, your phone or on a CD, as well as a few printed images. Our room can accommodate up to three guests to share this special viewing.

 Cost $120 - Paid at time of visit (Cash/Check/Visa/MC/Discover)

Not Covered by Insurance

Babies are unpredictable. We make no guarantee about your images, but will make every effort to obtain the best possible images. If we are unable to obtain satisfactory images (at the sonographer’s discretion) we will schedule one additional appointment to try and capture satisfactory images. The best time to do this type of ultrasound is when you are between 26 and 30 weeks along in your pregnancy. Prior to 26 weeks, your baby doesn’t have much fat and may have a “skeleton-like” appearance. After 30 weeks, it’s best to wait to meet your baby in person due to the scan quality decreasing as your baby grows and the area around your baby gets crowded.



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