Gynecology - Vaginal/Vulvar Problems - Prevention

Prevention of Vaginitis


Practice good personal hygiene:


·          Bathe daily with mild soap and warm water.

·          Wear all-cotton underwear or underwear with cotton crotches.

·          Change underwear and pantyhose every day.

·          Avoid wearing pantyhose or tights for too many hours, especially in hot, humid weather.

·          Use deodorant-free white toilet paper to avoid perfume and dye that might irritate.

·          Avoid using feminine hygiene products (such as sprays and powders) and bath additives (such as bubble baths and oils).

·          Avoid douching , douching is not necessary.

·          Use deodorant-free sanitary pads or tampons.

·          Avoid spermicidal foams, gels, and creams and use condoms without spermicide

·          If you tend to get yeast infections when you take antibiotics, use an anti-yeast cream while you are taking antibiotic medicine.

·          Have just 1 sexual partner who is not sexually active with anyone else, and practice safe sex.




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