Gynecology - Sexual Problems

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in women may involve a reduction in sex drive (decreased libido), a strong dislike of sexual activity, difficulty in becoming aroused, inability to achieve orgasm, or pain with sexual activity or intercourse. 

If you have persistent problems with sexual response and if these problems are straining your relationship with your partner, you may be experiencing sexual dysfunction.  As many as four out of every 10 women may have this problem sometime in their life.

Pain with intercourse is common in older women.  At first it may be a problem just once in a while.  If it is not treated, it can become a more frequent and serious problem.  A woman might like and want to have sex, but avoid it because it hurts.  Aging brings changes in many aspects of life.  There are emotional, social, and physical changes and diseases that may occur in later life.  These changes also affect sexuality.

Female sexual dysfunction traditionally has been thought to be due to psychological problems.  However, now we know that there are many physical and hormonal causes for the dysfunction.  Fortunately, many are very treatable.

The website can help patients find a certified sex therapist.

The website is a resource for information and items that may help as well. for more information. 


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