Gynecology - Post Operative Pain Management

Post Operative Pain Management

After surgery, you should expect to have some pain.  The goal of taking pain medicine is not to be pain free, but to make the pain more manageable so you can rest.  Narcotics can be highly addictive and their use should be limited to the least amount and shortest time possible to control your pain and keep you comfortable while you recover from your surgery.

You will be given a certain number of narcotics that should be sufficient for your pain needs in the postoperative period.  If you are finding that you need more than this amount and need a refill, you will need to speak with our nurses to determine if an office visit is necessary.  We need to be sure that you are healing appropriately from your surgery.

Strategies that can be used to help you manage your post-operative pain.

  • Alternate the narcotic with Ibuprofen 200-600 mg every 6 hours as needed. 
  • Decrease activity and increase rest if your pain is worsening.
  • Use of a heating pad can be helpful.
  • You may find that one half of a narcotic tablet works well and that you do not need to take one to two narcotic pills each time you need something for pain. 

Remember that healing takes time and you may have some days where pain is worse than others, but over time you pain will decrease significantly as you recover from the procedure. 

After your pain medication requirements are complete, it is imperative that you dispose of any unused medications.  The FDA has a list of medications recommended for disposal by flushing that includes narcotic pain medications.

Our office is here to support you throughout your time recovering from surgery.  Please feel free to call our office to speak with one of our knowledgeable nurses or schedule a same day appointment with one of our highly skilled and compassionate nurse practitioners if you have concerns.


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