Gynecology - Osteoporosis - Decrease Risk of Injury

What can I do to reduce my risk of injury?

If you have osteoporosis, you can reduce the risk of injury and broken bones if you:

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Avoid unusually vigorous physical activity. Build your activity level gradually.
  • Wear shoes that provide good support with low heels and non-slip soles (such as running or walking shoes).
  • Use support for walking, such as a cane, if you need it.
  • Use handrails on steps, stairs and in the bathroom
  • Keep areas where you will be walking well lit and uncluttered. If you walk outside, avoid graveled areas or other uneven surfaces that could cause a fall.
  • Avoid putting throw rugs on your floors at home.
  • Be cautious about going outdoors when roads and sidewalks are icy.
  • If you have had problems with falling, ask your health care provider if you should wear hip protectors.
  • Correct vision problems
  • Ask your PCP about effects of medications that you are taking that may contribute to drowsiness or that reduce strength and balance such as narcotics, sedatives, anticholinergenics and antihypertensives.

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