Gynecology - Cancer and Women - Ovarian Cancer


Ovarian cancer is known as the “silent disease” because symptoms are often vague. This disease is hard to detect until the disease is in its advanced stages. Warning signs include bloating, increasing abdominal girth, indigestion, change in bowel habits, urinary problems or discomfort, vague abdominal discomfort, discomfort with intercourse, or abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Women who have had no children or children later in life seem to have greater risk of ovarian cancer. Women who have family history are at risk and your risk increases with age. Risk is decreased in women who use birth control pills.

There is no reliable way to screen for ovarian cancer. Your healthcare provider will feel for masses on annual pelvic exams. Currently, screening methods for ovarian cancer include ultrasound scanning and CA125 measurement.

The University of Kentucky is conducting a research study to aid in early detection of ovarian cancer. for more information. 

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