Obstetrics - What to Expect - Your First Visit

 Your First Ob Visit

At your first visit, one of our Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners will do a maternal and fetal risk assessment. She will ask you many questions about your medical, family, and pregnancy history. There are different risk factors depending on your age, ethnic background, family history, job, where you live, and so on. The information helps us know what problems, if any, may occur during your pregnancy. We can then plan the care that you will probably need during your pregnancy.

Routine tests in pregnancy

What are some of the risk factors that might be discovered?

If you have one or more risk factors, it means that there is a greater than average chance that certain problems may happen during the pregnancy or delivery of the baby. The following list gives examples of risk factors and the high-risk conditions they may cause:

History of current pregnancy

Gynecologic history:

Social history:

  What lab work will be taken at my initial visit?

Optional lab work:

Cystic Fibrosis Screen

Insurance coverage for this test varies.  You may check coverage with your carrier by giving them the CPT test code 83890 and the diagnosis code Z13.228 (screening for Cystic Fibrosis) and asking if you have coverage.

Prenatal Screening for Genetic-Chromosomal Birth Defects

If you would like to check your specific coverage, call your insurance carrier and ask if you have coverage for specific tests.

Quest Lab Billing Questions    800-759-2790

These questions and examples are only some of the information required to assess possible complications of pregnancy. Depending on your answers and exam results, there may be other questions, exams, or tests.

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