About Us & Forms - Insurance/Billing


We participate with a large number of insurance carriers and are accepting new patients. Check with your insurance carrier to be sure that we are providers for their network.

If you have insurance, we ask for payment of co-pays, deductibles that have not been met and fees for any non-covered services to be paid at the time of service. If you do not have insurance, we ask that your bill be paid in full at the time of service.

We will file your insurance claim for you, including those for secondary carriers.  We will need to copy your insurance cards so that we may file you claim accurately.  Please be sure to bring insurance information to your appointment.

If a referral is required for any visits to a specialist, notify your primary care physician as soon as possible regarding your need for a referral.  You must have this on the day of your appointment, otherwise, you will be considered self pay for that date of service.

Please be alert to your insurance requirements for preapproval for in-office procedures such as ultrasound, colposcopy, LEEP, IUD's, etc.  Please notify our staff of these requirements, so that we may obtain these precertifications prior to your appointment.

For obstetric care, our office staff will assist you in estimating your insurance benefits.  Any amount not covered will be the responsibliity of the patient and is expected to be paid in full by the seventh month of prefgnancy.  These Obstetric Financial Arrangements will be reviewed with you at your second ob visit once ob benefits have been verified with your insurance carrier.  After delivery, an insurance claim will be filed for you.

Obstetric patients who do not carry insurance will be expected to pay the delivery fee in advance.  An initial payment will be due upon the first visit and payment arrangements will be discussed for the balance.

For scheduled surgical procedures, that portion of you bill not covered by insurance is expected to be paid prior to your surgery date.  For emergencies, payment of your portion of your bill is expected within 30 days of the procedure.

For services rendered, you will receive monthly statements if your account shows a balance due.  Even though our staff will file your claims, you are ultimately responsible for your bill.

If you believe there is a problem with your account, please contact one of our insurance specialists at 812-945-5233 option 3.

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